Who We Are


Lending a helping hand in Yancey County to our neighbors in need.



Southern Reconciliation Ministries, Inc. is a 501(C) 3 nonprofit organization operating as Reconciliation House. We are a Christian, ecumenical, outreach ministry serving Yancey County in Western North Carolina. Our main purpose is to provide physical assistance to families in crisis situations, in many cases, long-term suffering and financial poverty. Reconciliation House has become a "haven of refuge" to families suffering from hunger and the elements. We offer a helping hand any way we can in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, regardless of the recipient's race, religion, citizenship, age, or gender.


Reconciliation House is a Christian Outreach Ministry that was founded in 1983 through a joint effort by Dr. Gary West and the Yancey County Ministerial Association. We are housed in the “Old Methodist Parsonage” owned by Higgins Memorial United Methodist Church. It is a blessing that they do not charge us rent. Over the years, the ministry has grown from a small assistance agency to a bustling center of activity. The ministry is run by a Director under the supervision of a volunteer Board of Directors representing various denominations of the churches that support us, and other interested individuals from the community. We also have part-time employees who carry our tremendous workload. Funding for Reconciliation House is through donations, local churches, private individuals, civic groups, Yancey County, United Way Fund, Emergency Food and Shelter Program, church and foundation grants, thrift sales, and fundraisers.

We Offer

Reconciliation House offers food, clothing, household items and assistance with prescriptions, utilities, rent/mortgage payments, home heating assistance and other miscellaneous items through case-managed services. Reconciliation House also provides clients with food and gifts for children during the Christmas season, as well as layettes for newborns. Volunteers are the heart of Reconciliation House. There is nothing more rewarding than helping a neighbor in need. Discover how you can impact our community and provide hope for those experiencing a financial struggle. Reconciliation House offers food, utility, clothing and home furnishing assistance at 20 Academy Street, Burnsville, NC. There is no need for an appointment—new or existing clients are welcomed first come, first served during client assistant hours.

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